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Dragon Zoroark

Aloha everyone, I'm back and with my return I will be uploading another Pokemon in the form of a dragon. Today, I will be showing you "how to draw dragon Zoroark", step by step. This Pokemon looks great as a dragon, and it was really fun to create. I may just give the whole dragon Pokemon thing a rest for a while because there is some other stuff I'd like to work on for the holiday season coming up. You will find this lesson simple to follow, which means you will have a blast drawing dragon Zoroark. I have to go because there is a lot for me to get done. Have fun folks, and enjoy!....

Step 1

Begin by making a coffee bean like shape for the head, then draw in the neck line.

Step 2

Here you will begin drawing the snout which is shaped a lot like an eagles beak. Draw the mandible lining with lots of points. Draw the prominent brow, then move to step three.

Step 3

Continue with drawing out the structure of the head and jaw. Draw in the bottom mandible, then draw the ear and horn.

Step 4

Draw in the eyes, then sketch in some detailing on the snout, and inside of the ears.

Step 5

You will now draw out the spiked mane like hair that flows down the neck and back but we only see the stream of hair from the top of the head, to the back of the neck.

Step 6

Now that the design is all done, you can spend some time sketching in the detailing. This includes the marks on each pointed tip from the hair, as well as the neck marking and hair line on the head. Erase the mistakes then you're done.

Step 7

Here is the line art when you are finished. Now you can color in this Pokemon dragon. I hope you had fun folks.

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Thursday April, 09, 2015 at 2:38 PM

I love dragons I wish that I could have one and nobody would tell me no. The people who always tells me no is my parents and manager.

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