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How to Draw Heidi, Heidi From 9th Grade Ninja

As I said, I will be uploading a few characters from 9th Grade Ninja which is a new animated series airing on Disney XD. Up next we will learn "how to draw Heidi", step by step. Heidi is Howard's older sister, and unlike Howard, she is what you would call the swan of the school. She is popular, hip, full of style and has everyone at her precious little feet. Now because the show is new and the characters are not really developed well, there is very little I can talk about. I'm basically uploading these tutorials so you guys can have what you're looking for when you want it without waiting. I know it will be popular sooner or later, so why not get started with drawing all the 9th Grade Ninja characters now. Well, have fun and be sure to rate, comment or do both. Adios people and enjoy!....

Step 1

Begin with an outline for her head, then sketch out the facial guides.

Step 2

Next, using the circle you made in step one, begin sketching out the shape of her face which has some nice angles. You will draw her side bang to the right like so, then draw in a clip.

Step 3

Using the facial guidelines, you can start drawing the eyes. They are sort of catty in shape, and her eyelashes are thick. Draw in the eyeballs, then draw the nose and mouth. You will also need to get the ear drawn out too.

Step 4

Here all you have to do is draw out the neck, shoulders, and the beginning lines for her arms. Sketch out the small bump for her chest, then add the neat simple looking collar.

Step 5

Finish drawing her arms and or sleeves, then draw the rest of her torso in the form of a nice blouse.

Step 6

Finish Heidi off by drawing out the rest of her hair which is drawn with a couple of lines. Erase the mistakes then you're all done.

Step 7

Here is Heidi now that you have finished drawing her out. I think she looks nice and she deserves to be colored in.

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