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How to Draw Monster, Robot and Monster

Here is another brand new character from a show that began airing August 4th on Nickelodeon. It's called robot and Monster, and the whole plot follows two characters; one is a robot, and the other is a monster. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Monster Krumholtz", step by step, or just Monster for short. He is a purple colored monster that has a pair of horns on each side of his head. What makes Monster sweet is that he believes in that good guys saying “all good things come or happen to good people”. So obviously he is going to try and live good. He lives a very serene lifestyle, and is often doing good deeds. I guess you can say he is just a “good” monster. Anyways, the character's personality is obviously still a work in progress because as you know even the good guys end up having a dark side or a vice. This lesson will embark on the task to drawing Monster, which is a very simple character to recreate. I hope you have fun, and if you have watched the show let me know how it is. Well that's it for this description fear not though because there is still more coming your way. Adios mi amigos!....

Step 1

Begin the first step by drawing a slanted shape of a tooth like so.

Step 2

Next, draw in a great big smile, then color in two dots for his eyes.

Step 3

Make a pair of lips by drawing the inner lining like so, then draw in his tongue.

Step 4

Next, make the arms which looks like a pair of sticks that you would play fetch with a dog with, then add some thumbs.

Step 5

Add the horns like so, then erase your mistakes.

Step 6

Here is Monster when you are all done. Color him in his happy purple shade.

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