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How to Draw Fire Nation Chibi Katara

so i tryd to draw katara in chibi form and..yeah i had muche problems with the hair but in the time it gets easyer, last time i dig fire nation chibi Aang http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/13215/1/1/how-to-draw-fire-nation-chibi-aang.htm and now im doing katara owo enjoy....

Step 1

first we draw the sketch

Step 2

then we are drawing the head it looks like an mountain.

Step 3

Then we are start drawing the Hair, don't forget the waves!

Step 4

then we are drawing the rest of the hair , it's just like u are drawing 3 parts of an snake

Step 5

Then we are drawing the eyes , the 2 points is for the light.

Step 6

now draw the mouth and the top of the body.

Step 7

now draw the rest of the body and the hands

Step 8

now make the other stuff and the shoes and its ....

Step 9

..done now only colouring and you got it. :)

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