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Ahaha! This is my second tutorial, and today we will be drawing the Pokemon Mienshao. This is a Pokemon from the latest generation of Pokemon. My had was a little less shaky in this tutorial, so have fun!~....

Step 1

Okay, easy enough, we'll be starting out with the seed-shaped head, and add in those facial guidelines! Finish this off with the back line.

Step 2

Start constructing the face by placing her eye in the middle of the face. Finish shaping her nose, do you see the curved part? Add in her whiskers, and finish up with her triangular ears.

Step 3

All you really have to do is add in her tail and move on to the next step. Be sure to use a long, flowing line.

Step 4

Start drawing in the front of her body, and then start the arm. I broke the arm down into two steps, so draw the lighter part first, and then the darker part. Finish off by adding the bottom part of Mienshao's torso.

Step 5

Start this out by drawing large, loop-like shapes for the legs, and add in the other whip-like arm in the back.

Step 6

Finish up your drawing with details! The stripe along Mienshao's belly, the coloration on her legs, and the tips of her whip-like arms. Add in the facial markings. Erase out any guidelines, and anything that doesn't belong.

Step 7

This is what Mienshao looks like after you have erased everything and fixed her up. Have fun coloring her in, and be sure to leave me a comment on how to improve!

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