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How to Draw a Squid for Kids

Here it is, my last for kids lesson, and the last tutorial for the day. Here is how to draw a squid for kids, step by step. I know when I was a kid one of the sea animals that I found really interesting was the squid. I always used to get them confused with octopus, so once I knew that they were't octopus, I started calling them octopus. It's weird I know but, that is type of person I am, just weird. Anyways, drawing a squid for kids will be super fun because you can use your imagination thinking of a good way to draw these docile creatures out. Thanks for joining me once again. ....

Step 1

Draw out a cone like shape for the head of this sea dweller.

Step 2

Next, draw out a long cylinder shape for the actual eye housing unit. Color in the pupils, then you are done here.

Step 3

The last thing you need to do is draw out the noodle like strands which are really called tentacles. Erase the mistakes if you made any.

Step 4

Here is a happy squid floating in water air. I hope you liked this lesson on drawing a squid for kids.

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