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How to Draw Mabel Pines, Gravity Falls

I have'nt made a tutorial in a while now...I was watching Gravity Falls and I have to say that Mabel is my favorite character,so I decided to make a tutorial on her.I admit I'm not that great at making tutorials but I hope you like it.......

Step 1

I decided not to start of with guidelines 'cause they can sometimes be confusing to some people,so the first step is to simply draw her eyes...

Step 2

Now in this step you can start drawing her face and mouth,don't forget her braces...

Step 3

Draw the rest of her head,add the sweater collar and neck.

Step 4

Finish off the rest of her sweater and sleeves.

Step 5

Draw her hands and skirt,then finish drawing her hair.

Step 6

You're almost done,the last step is drawing her legs,feet and her cute little shirt design.

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