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Yup, I know you love him, but did you ever think that it could be easy to draw him? Well today I will be showing you an easy way to draw Charizard using some pretty simple steps, which also includes a lesson on the full body view of this beloved Pokemon species. Charizard is probably one of the most loved and well known species from the Pokemon index. The dragon like beast has been around since the beginning, and when they say that oldies are the goodies of today, they are absolutely right. I can't imagine finding this tutorial on "how to draw Charizard easy" boring in any sense of the word. So let me shut up so you guys can get busy. Have an awesome time, and stay tuned in for more fun because there is something I have up my sleeve. Adios people!....

Step 1

Let's begin by drawing the entire body of this Pokemon beast. Start by making two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. You will connect the two shapes by drawing a neck line, then draw the arms and shapes for the hands. Next, start sketching out Charizard's head, snout, and horns or ears. Add the mouth and eyes like so. Draw the long thick neck, followed by the belly. Add more detailing to the face as you finish drawing out the eyes. Add that crinkle between the eyes, then sketch in the nostrils. You will need to draw the arms and hands, then the back part of Charizard's body including the legs and feet. Charizard is a bi-pedal species so draw him to look like one. Draw in the large expanded wings, followed by the tissue detailing. End the step of drawing Charizard by drawing his tail and the flame tuft at the end.

Step 2

Now for a tut on just drawing Charizard's head. Start with an oval like shape, then draw out the snout, forehead, and horns or ears. Next, draw the curved neck, then draw in the eye, nostrils and detailing.

Step 3

And another lesson on drawing Charizard's head on a 3/4 action pose. Start with a simple circle.

Step 4

This second step looks like Charizard will be drawn from the side view. Instead he will be roaring. Using the head shape draw out the long snout and be sure to make the bumps for the nostrils. You will then draw the raised brow where the eye will be added later. Draw the horn like so, and some of the back part of the head.

Step 5

Continue to draw out Charizard's face which is all in the mouth. Draw the wide open jaw, then draw in the four fanged teeth. Draw the jawline as well as the other horn.

Step 6

You will finish off this dragon species from Pokemon by drawing the long neck and then draw in the tongue inside of the mouth. Next, draw the eye, nostril, then sketch all the surface detailing like you see here followed by erasing the mistakes.

Step 7

Here is what your drawing looks like when you are done. Grab your coloring tools because it's time to color in Charizard.

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