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How to Draw an Eel for Kids

Here is a slimy looking animal that lives in the ocean and has a bad reputation for stinging people if you come into contact with them. I'm talking about an eel and today I will be showing you "how to draw an eel for kids", step by step. These sea critters have always been disgusting to me and my mind will never change about that. I can remember when I was eight or nine years old, I went fishing with my parents. My parents was on a mission to catch either some salt water bass, or some blues. Unfortunately they caught nothing, but I caught one eel and a spider crab. Spider crabs are so darn fugly it's not even funny. I didn't know which animal was fuglier, the eel or the spider crab. There was an old Asian man sitting next to us as we fished off the docks. He saw my eel and asked if he could have it because he finds that eel are delicious fried. I gave him my three foot catch and we left to try out another spot. I didn't catch no more eel but my father did end up catching his bass. I hope you guys like drawing an eel for kids. Color it in as you wish, and you can even tweak it's design. Bye people!....

Step 1

Make an egg shape like so.

Step 2

Begin shaping out the form of the eel's face and head. Notice how the jaw is over-bitting the top. Draw a fin and move along to step three.

Step 3

Draw out the rest of the eel's body in a squiggle pose. Don't forget about the fin on the end of the tail.

Step 4

Color in an eye, draw the dorsal fin, then add some detailing to finish this eel off. You have to also erase the guide shape I had you draw in step one.

Step 5

Here is the wonderful eel when all is complete. Now color it in and even create a setting behind this animal from the sea.

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