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How to Draw an Armadillo for Kids

Here is a simple lesson that is going to teach you "how to draw an armadillo for kids", step by step. I know that the color of this armadillo is not accurate, I just wanted the lesson to be bright and fun. Drawing animals for kids is something that I always enjoy doing because I can turn a naturally complex creature to draw, into something that everyone can tackle. The design concept for this armadillos is going to leave you wanting to draw more and more of these animals. I love how different the armadillo is, and how complex they are as well. That's about it folks, enjoy this tut on drawing an armadillo for kids.....

Step 1

There is only four drawing steps, and then one line art step. Start by making a circle for your animal, then add the facial guide.

Step 2

Next, begin drawing the shape of the face which is sort of like a spade. When the face shape is all drawn in you can add the eyes and the large ears. Don't forget to color the eyes in.

Step 3

Here you will only have to make the large bean like shape for the armadillo's body. At the end of the body shape add the tail which kind of looks like a claw or nail.

Step 4

Lastly, draw in all four legs and feet. As you can see the legs are short stump like shapes, and the feet are defined with some toe lines. Draw the marking on the face as well as the grooved lines on the hard exterior part of the armadillo's body. If you made any mistakes you can start erasing those now.

Step 5

Here is what your armadillo should come out looking like when you are finished. Great work guys, and keep it up!

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