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How to Draw a Chameleon for Kids

That's all I have for you guys as far as food lessons go. Up next you will have the chance to tackle a tutorial on a cute little reptile that is small, looks like a triceratops, and has a lazy eye. Of course I'm talking about a lizard, but what kind of lizard? I thought it would be fun to make a tutorial for kids to learn how to draw a chameleon. Chameleon's are so weird looking and extremely docile or at least they seem to have that type of personality. All I did when I made this tutorial was draw a chameleon the way I visualize them to be if they could talk. Of course you can see that the end product is something that looks like it came from a children's book. The name of this reptile is also used in everyday text when someone is described as being a “chameleon”. If you hear someone say “that guy is like a chameleon”. What they really mean is, "that guy blends in without being noticed", or something to that nature. I made sure to make this tutorial as easy as possible so all you novice artists would have an awesome time drawing a chameleon for kids without struggle. The total completion time should only be a few minutes, so I'm confident that you will all do a great job. I want to thank you all for joining me with another fun filled tutorial on drawing animals for kids. ....

Step 1

We will be drawing out chameleon from the side so it should be easier for you to tackle. Start by making two shapes, on for the head and the other for the body.

Step 2

For the second step you will be drawing out the shell like shape of the chameleon's head. The two ends on the sides should be rounded and pointed. The front peak is for the snout, and the back one is for the head.

Step 3

You will now focus on drawing the body starting with the two front legs and feet. All you have to do is draw two thick legs, and make a pair of feet that dips in the center like so.

Step 4

Next up, draw the high arched back, and then draw a long curled in tail. You will also need to draw the belly as well as the back leg and foot.

Step 5

All you have to do now for the last drawing step is make the mouth line, then draw the large circular eye as well as color in a pupil. Sketch in the nose, and the dimple at the corner of the mouth.

Step 6

Once you have cleaned everything up, your drawing should look like the one you see before you now. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing a chameleon for kids.

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