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How to Draw a Daisy for Kids

Here is the other flower I was talking about when I said I had two flower lessons to upload. Up next I will show you "how to draw a daisy for kids", step by step. The daisy is probably one of the easiest and more popular flowers drawn by kids hands down. They come in a variety of colors, and since Easter is right around the corner, I figured making a blue colored daisy would be a good idea. There are only five petals and a round center. Drawing a daisy for kids is going to be easier than saying one two three. Have fun ya'll and make sure that you stick around for more drawing fun. Peace out people and good luck.....

Step 1

Draw a small circle for the center of the flower.

Step 2

Next, draw three of the five thick bubbly petals like so, then move to step three.

Step 3

Lastly, draw the bottom two petals like so, then erase your mistakes to clean up the drawing.

Step 4

You will now color in the daisy flower that you just drew. I think you did a great job folks, show others what you have drawn.

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