Yeah well, I have two more flower tutorials going up today and because they are in a 'for kids' format, I won't say too much about because there is nothing really I can say. The first flower is "how to draw a sunflower for kids", step by step. Sunflowers are one of my little sister's favorite of all flower species because they grow to be so darn tall. These hearty blooms are also a very popular spring flower, and they can grow to be fifteen feet tall. Now that's a big flower. Their pretty vibrant yellow petals and brown colored centers makes them one of the world's most recognized flowers around. Even though this is a for kids lesson, everyone will enjoy drawing another bloom of spring when you draw a sunflower for kids. Have fun people and let me know if there are other flowers that you would like to see on Dragoart that I don't have already.....

Step 1

Begin by making the center shape of the sunflower by drawing a circle.

Step 2

Next, draw the petals for the top row only, then go ahead and move along to step three.

Step 3

Lastly, draw the bottom row of sunflower petals like so, and then begin erasing any mistakes you may have made. You can also draw the stem of the flower along with the big leaves if you like.

Step 4

Here is your finished drawing of a sunflower when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color it in. I hope you liked making your own sunflower.


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Welcome April!

Welcome April!

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