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How to Draw an Apple for Kids

I know, I know, another wicked easy lesson that is grazing the screen right in front of your eyes. Girls, and maybe some boys will like this tutorial because you can actually draw a cute face on the front if you like, or even draw the apple for your teacher. Whatever the case may be, this submission on "how to draw an apple for kids" is going to be so simple to replicate. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you could draw this apple with your eyes closed. I haven't really made any fruit for kids, so I wanted to at least get an apple out there since it is one of many fruits that kids, teens, and adults eat. Well, what else can I say about drawing an apple? Not too much so how about you have a go at it and I will get busy making more tutorials for you all. Thanks for joining me for another fabulous drawing day. ....

Step 1

As you can see the first step to drawing an apple is to make the actual shape of the apple itself. Start at the center and draw a wide rounded line to the base and go inward. Repeat this very same thing on the opposite side. In the end you should come out with an apple shape.

Step 2

Next, draw the apple stem like so, and then add a cute little swirl at the tip.

Step 3

You will now draw a leaf on either side or both sides if you like, then clean up the mistakes.

Step 4

Here you have a finished drawing of an apple for kids. Color it in, and you're done.

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