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Tweety-Looney Tunes

This is a simple drawing for kids to learn how to draw tweety.As this is my first drawing i tried to make it a little simple.Hope you like it....

Step 1

Let`s start drawing the basic shapes of Tweety Bird. Create 2 circles for the head and a cylinder for the neck.

Step 2

Now draw 2 ovals for the eyes and 2 small ovals for the mouth

Step 3

Adding details to the face. Add ovals inside the eyes, for the pupils, then fill it. erase the guide lines of the mouth, next add some eyelashes and 3 lines for the hair, finally draw a curved line on the left of the face.

Step 4

Drawing the body. draw 2 circles as the base of the chest, then the arms consist in one guideline with circles as the shoulder, elbow, etc, and finally use circular, ovals, and cylinder shapes to create the legs as it is in the image.

Step 5

Adding details to the body. Draw around the guidelines to create the full shape of the body, do it for the chest, arms and legs, and also little tail.

Step 6

There you go.your very own tweety.Now color as desired.

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