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How to Draw a Chimpanzee for Kids

Here we go once again; I will do another tutorial on an animal species that will go in the 'for kids' section. Once again I was browsing through the tutorials on the site and to my surprise I never made a lesson on "how to draw a chimp for kids", step by step. I had some trouble with choosing a shade to color this chimpanzee in with, so I went ahead and used both shades of brown and black. I also noticed that with every monkey I have drawn in the past, none of them have ever been any color other than brown. I love how the monkey came out and I have a feeling that you guys will too. So go ahead and learn the traits to drawing a chimp for kids of your own. Peace out people and enjoy!....

Step 1

Make one simple circle like so, and then draw a face guide like you see here.

Step 2

Thicken the lining for the head shape and then draw some of the hair strands on the head. Draw the ears and then move along to step three.

Step 3

Here is where you will draw the lining that separates the chimp's face from its hair. Use the face guide to draw the eyes evenly and color them in too. Draw the nose, mouth, and detailing inside of the ears.

Step 4

Next thing to do is draw out the body starting with the arms, chest, and hands. Add some fuzz on the chimp's chest.

Step 5

Draw the hind legs and then draw the feet. Clean up the drawing and then you are ready to begin the coloring job.

Step 6

Here it is guys, the finished results. Color in your new chimp and then you are done. Add a cute Christmas hat for an added holiday touch.

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