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How to Draw a Crab for Kids

Here is an adorable version of a crab that I think you all might enjoy. Going through the animals category under the 'for kids' section, I saw that I didn't have a lesson on "how to draw a crab for kids", step by step. Crabs are very important crustaceans to draw because they are used in summer artwork and designs, as well as a great concept to use for an under water scene. Drawing a crab for kids is going to be a lot easier than taking on a lesson based on a much more detailed and more anatomy appropriate design concept. I think you will enjoy drawing a crab for kids, and if I'm wrong, just let me know. Peace out people and come meet me back here tomorrow for more drawing fun.....

Step 1

Start with a circle for the base of the crabs body like so, and then draw in some face guides.

Step 2

Using the shape as your guide, draw out the body of the crab which looks more like a rock and then draw in the antenna.

Step 3

Next, lets add the shapes for the big eyes and eyeballs like so, as well as a small triangular shaped mouth.

Step 4

You will now draw out the first two legs of the crab as well as the claws. Notice how I make it easy to replicate.

Step 5

Now draw three legs on the left side of the crab and be sure to draw them bent like so.

Step 6

And for the final step, draw in the other three legs for your adorable crab, and then clean up the drawing.

Step 7

Here is what your drawing of a crab for kids should come out looking like when you are all done. Color it in, and maybe even use it in a scene drawing.

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Thursday January, 29, 2015 at 01:03 AM

My gosh is is so cut

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