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How to Draw Spongebob

Whoooo lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! I love Spongebob like you wouldn't believe. I think he is the cutest, funniest, lovable, adorable, funny looking yellow sea critters I ever did see. Since I love Spongebob so much, I want to show you "how to draw SpongeBob", easily. I used Adobe CS for the bubbles and actually scanned him into my computer from a sketch. If you want an easy Spongebob to print and color go here He really is very simple to draw. When you draw any cartoon there fairly simple. I messed up a bit on his left hand so I will put this under the novice category. I got to say drawing Spongebob is a lot of fun and if you want too, you can draw his pineapple house with Gary next to him and maybe even Squidward or Patrick. No matter how you like your Spongebob, he always comes out the same in the end, an adorable sea sponge that all kids and adults love to watch when ever he comes on. Be carefree when drawing him. Mix up his outfit with a little color. You can even give put him in one of his favorite pairs of shoes. Anyway, have fun and I hope this tutorial will help you learn "how to draw Spongebob Squarepants, step by step". After this try "how to draw Patrick Star" ....

Step 1

Start off with what else a square.

Step 2

Then in the middle of the square add the frame work for his eyes and nose. On the sides add long circle looking shapes which will be his arms.

Step 3

Now just follow the lining to make his perfect circular eyes and his funny long nose and his big smile.

Step 4

Now we can start adding that two dimensional look to his body and start drawing one of his arms with hand.

Step 5

Look at those pearly whites. Make two mini squares for his big teeth and his little cheek crease. Now is a good time to start on the pants as well. See we're almost done.

Step 6

Draw the other arm and hand on the left make stick lines for his soon to be legs, and start the sponge lines around his frame.

Step 7

Here he is. Look how happy you made him now he can frolic threw the park or go jelly fishing. Good Job

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