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How to Draw a Triceratops

The Triceratops is a dinosaur that lived in the late cretaceous period close to 70 million years ago. This particular dinosaur had a large bony plate covering the neck and three horns, two on both sides of the head and one right on top of the snout. The triceratops was a four legged creature that resembled today's rhinos. They are one of the most popular dinosaur's familiar by adults and children. In almost every story or movie based on dinosaurs you will see a triceratops, I guarantee it. Even though paleontologists haven't found a complete fossil of this species, they still have the pieces of skull to work with collected over the years. This beast was said to be 30 feet long and 10 feet high. They weighed a good 30,000 pounds too, Impressive huh. The head or skull of the triceratops grew to be 7 feet long. Scientist are not sure if this animal fought the way they are depicted in films simply because they don't have to much study since all they have is a few pieces of skeletal remains found over time. One thing they do know is that the triceratopses were definitely part of the herbivore group. This dinosaur is one of my top 10 favorites and I would like to teach you how to draw a triceratops with this tutorial. It only has 6 steps and the instructions make it easy to learn how to draw one. I hope you enjoyed the brief information I shared with you, I will be back soon to teach you again.....

Step 1

Step one consist of multiple round circles 6 in all and they all serve a purpose. The two in the front are the guidelines for the head and horns, and the back four are for of course the body.

Step 2

What you do in this step is connect the dots very slowly. Make a frilled shaped on the first big circle in the front, then draw a line coming from underneath that will be th triceratops bottom jaw. From that same line sketch out the chest and two lines for the front legs.

Step 3

Finish connecting the dots by sketching in the rest of the head and finish off the front legs paying attention to the shape. In the front of the face start sketching the bottom end of the snout and start to work on drawing the line art for the hind legs.

Step 4

In this step you are going to work on your detailing and sketch in the definition on the dinosaurs bony head, snout, and feet. T this point you should already have the face down packed with detail. There is more detailing to do in the next step as well so stayed prepared.

Step 5

Now is the time to work on the hind legs and finish the step off sketching half moon lining on the knee caps of the dinosaur. Put more detailing on the face were the eye is and don't forget the neck too. Dinosaurs are pass versions of lizards, that should give you some idea how to detail the dino.

Step 6

Finally in this last step what you are going to focus on is the sketching of the horns and tail. Don't forget, the tail is thick near the body and then thins out at the end. Draw the leg set behind the hind leg as well. Add a little more definition to the snout with some simple shading.

Step 7

There you are you are finished. Have fun drawing and coloring your own dinosaur. All you need to do is erase the sketch lines and blow th eraser dust off the page. You did a great. job and I will see you again. Ta Ta

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