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How To Draw An Allosaurus

The Allosaurus was a dinosaur that existed in the late Jurassic period, over 140 million years ago. This animal was a theropod with a large skull and a mouth full of large teeth. The size of the Allosaurus measured at 30 feet long and weighed around 3 tons. This reptile also had a huge skull that sat on a short neck accompanied by strong powerful back legs and it only had three fingers on the upper limbs. The Allosaurus is a well known dinosaur that both adults and children recognize when seen in a book or on film. An interesting fact about this particular dino is that it was on top of the food chain, which tells us that it took down large, herbivorous. The way they attacked was by ambushing there kill and using their upper jaw like an axe. One last thing I'd like to mention about the Allosaurus is that, this dinosaur, like the Tyrannosaurus, was a carnivore and attacked almost anything in came in contact with. That means if existed when they were around, and you bumped into one of them, your chances of survival is extremely slim. This tutorial shows you how to draw the Allosaurus with 8 steps. The instructions are easy and they give you good details on what to do next. I took 1 hour sketching out this drawing and I think I did a good job. I like the detailing on the face and neck, it looks cool. I'll smell ya later alligator.....

Step 1

Start your sketch with two circles. The one on top is the head and the oval shape is the frame for the body.

Step 2

Now, within the larger circle draw 3 more smaller circles, and two more underneath it. These are all guidelines for the arms legs and tail as you will see in later steps. Be ready to draw a serious looking dinosaur.

Step 3

As you see from the image above you are suppose to sketch out the lines for the arms, fingers, and legs. The image at this point looks like frosty the snowman, it will all come together soon I promise. Doing it like this makes it a whole lot easier for you to draw the Allosaurus.

Step 4

Now you can start to sketch shape into the dinosaur, starting from the head move your pencil down to the large circle to form the back of the neck, and add those creases in there to for detail. Move down to the arms and start lining up the lines to form a nicely shaped forelimb. Next draw the underbelly starting from the elbow on the front limb and ending at the knee of the hind leg. Move down to the side of the sketch and draw the lining on the back part of the leg to form a nicely shaped hind leg.

Step 5

Sketch out a scissor shape for the mouth and snout of the Allosaurus. After you complete that, finish drawing the lining going down the back until it would be time to draw the tail. Move to the underbelly of the beast and sketch the remaining part of the stomach. At the end of the belly line start shaping the hind leg.

Step 6

This step is mainly detailing. Mover to the head of the dinosaur and sketch out the details in the face and draw the opening for the nose and eye. move down to the neck and sketch the wrinkle lines and over the shoulder draw the definition of lizard like skin. Move to the back side of the reptile and do the same thing.

Step 7

Almost done. Sketch the teeth in the mouth but take your time with it. detail around the nostril and sketch the huge scar on the neck. Simple lines are needed in the back area of the dinosaur.

Step 8

Finish off the picture by sketching out the tail which is so easy. It looks like a big cone for ice cream. Add some finishing touches by going over your work to make sure the shading is done and erase the guide lines to clean up your sketch. At this point you can color the Allosaurus in if you want to, or just leave it as a sketch. The sketch I did on paper is not colored in. I very rarely color my sketches in. I will only do that if it is a cartoon or something.

Step 9

This is what you should end up with at the end of all that hard work. As you can see it looks good being not colored. But as you can see at the top of the page it also looks good colored. I don't know I'm confused. See ya later folks I'll be back real soon.

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