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How To Draw Lilo From Lilo And Stitch

Lilo from Disney's Lilo & Stitch is absolutely an adorable cartoon character. When I first watched the animated movie I fell in love with her and Stitch. The story is about a little Hawaiian girl that has no friends and doesn't fit in any where. She depends on her big sister to bring her up because her parents died in an accident. Struggling with life and learning to dodge all the blows thrown at her she decides that she wants a pet. Her sister agrees and they go down to the local animal shelter, she finds the perfect pet that is as odd as she is. Lilo calls him Stitch (which happens to be an alien from outer space), she later finds out that he is a handful and does more bad than good. She finally finds a purpose and decides that she was going to teach Stitch how to be good so she wouldn't have to get rid of him. Lilo is a girl that feels like she is a burden to her sister but would do anything for her. She is spunky, loving, creative, adventures, brave, and fun all in one little package. Trying to find acceptance from other little girls and wanting to play with someone other than her sister she finds a true friend in Stitch. I had a lot of fun drawing Lilo and her funny looking doll; she is a cartoon character that will always remain one of my favorites. I show you how to draw Lilo step by step with simple instructions. Children and adults of all ages will surely have fun with this tutorial. You can learn to draw one of the cutest characters ever created by Disney.....

Step 1

Okay lets start off this step by drawing the frame guidelines of Lilo. Start by drawing a perfect circle for the head, Then draw a long oval circle for the frame of the body. From under the head sketch in the neck and move down to shape out the shoulders. At this point the frame looks like a penguin with round feet.

Step 2

Now starting at the top of the head again sketch in Lilos bangs on both the top and part of the side of her face. Two straight curved lines for the eyes is the next thing to draw out. After you do all that sketch out the bottom half of her dress that is shaped like a square summer dress. A strap across her shoulder and around her chest is for the backpack. An interesting thing about Lilo is that she has chunky fingers. After you complete all these steps move to step 3.

Step 3

Now what we do here is draw her big brown eyes. What I like about drawing Lilo is that drawing her is easy because she has big body parts that are really not detail oriented. Her feet are simple to sketch out too. Draw bulky looking sandals with one strap going across and five little toes. Before moving to the next step draw the sleeve on the right shoulder.

Step 4

Here is where you will be drawing the rest of her face. She has a perfect round nose which is super easy just draw a circle, a big smile that goes ear to ear again super easy just draw a curved line from left to right, And before moving to the next step what you want to do is sketch in her bulky looking hair. Since Lilo has long hair the ending line should be right in the middle of the body frame.

Step 5

See that shape in her hand, that is her childhood doll. You can draw this by starting at the top like always and sketch a big circle for the head, two little roundish arms, a body that is to small for the head and two small legs. After you sketch out the framing for the rag doll draw a round pocket book looking shape that sits right behind Lilo.

Step 6

Now you can fill in all the detailing to Lilos rag doll. Have you ever watched Cast Away? You know Wilson the ball he use to talk to, well that is what her doll reminds me of. Six sprigs of hair go on top of the dolls head that are fairly thick and rounded at the tips, two round eyes that have an X in the middle of them A long squiggly line for the mouth that is stitched up with thread. Define Lilos bag she is carrying before you proceed on. After you have done all that you can at this point erase all the guidelines on Lilos body and face. After you are done with all that You end up with an image like you see here but without the lines. Color her in and her little dolly and have fun.

Step 7

In this step as you can see you’re all done. This is what your art of Lilo should look like. Isn’t she cute with her little make shift Barbie doll.

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