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How to Draw a Woolly Mammoth

Today this tutorial will be on the Woolly Mammoth because of the cool new movie that is coming out 10,000 B.C. I absolutely love historic mammals from the ice age, especially Saber tooth tigers and mammoths. Let's talk about the woolly mammoth shall we. First as we all know these animals are the closest ancestors to the Asian elephant, they had large long curved tusk, thick long blackish brown hair, and a bump ontop of their heads. The thick fur and hair helped protect their bodies from the artic cold. Woolly mammoths roamed our earth as long as 4 million years ago and as close as 4,000 years ago. They first appeared in Africa, and they eventually migrated north where it was much colder and where food can be found in plentiful amounts, so this means they started to appear in Europe and Asia. This also explains why so many frozen fossil remains are found predominantly in these areas. There were a handful of different types of the mammoth species, one being the woolly mammoth. These hardy looking animals lived and thrived in the ice age of Siberia, there are even caves that contain carving from humans that lived during this period known better to be cavemen or Ice Age humans. As far as scientist know, these people of the ice age actually fought and took down these animals which stood 11 feet tall and weighed about, only 7 tons. Can you imagine trying to take down one of these massive animals? Especially an animal with a name like woolly mammoth, I can't see how that would even be possible for primitive humans to accomplish. If you think about it, it's pretty amazing when you think how our ancestors lived with woolly mammoths, like they saw them everyday, walked where they walked, and like I said before they even hunted them. WOW. An interesting fact I found out is, when you spell œwoolly mammoth you can also spell it with one œL as well. The difference between the two is simple, when you spell it with one œL this is the American way, but when you spell it with two œLs this is the British way. Cool huh. Anyways it has now been determined that mammoths expired due to change in climate, being hunted by humans and most likely by disease as well. One thing is certain, Woolly mammoths will always be one of the most talked about ice age animal that ever existed. This tutorial will show you how to draw a woolly mammoth step by step. The instructions are always easy to follow and read. Enjoy!....

Step 1

In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and circles for the beginning frame work of the woolly mammoth. Start out by drawing a big circle for the face. Then a smaller circle gets placed right on top of the large face circle, this is going to be the hump that mammoths have on their heads. Now draw two circles that go diagonal from each other, these will later be the back and shoulder of the side of the animals body. Now go right around the back to draw three more circles for the hind leg structure. Then one more oval circle for the front foot. Now that the circles are don you can go ahead and draw the lining for the tusks, forehead, back, and front legs. You can then move to step 2 after you complete connecting the dots.

Step 2

In this step you can see that you will be drawing and sketching out parts of the body. Starting at the face, sketch in the eye and the hairy fur that hangs over the eye. The hair should be thick and bushy. Then draw the trunk of the woolly mammoth which looks like a regular elephant trunk. After you draw out the trunk you can go ahead and sketch out or draw the big long tusks. These are similar to an elephant, the only difference is that they are alot longer and curved at the tip facing the front of the animal. Now you can sketch in the bushy and draw the shape of the big front and back legs. Remember thick bushy hair.

Step 3

Here in this step you will be detailing and defining the woolly mammoths body structure. Start by sketching and forming the hump on top of the head that usually has a hair do. These animals where kinda cute if you really look at them. Next finish of the drawing and sketching by detailing the entire body as shown above. This step is really simple because the woolly mammoth is a big dense animal, so there is really no small details to draw out. The legs basiclly look boxy just like a regular elephant. After you are satisfied with this step you can erase all the guidelines and circle shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 4

After you are done erasing all those circles and guidelines, your sketch should end up looking like this. Now isn't he just so cute. I love him. Now all you have to do is take some good colored pencils and color him in. I wouldn't recommend using markers or crayons because this animal contains alot of hair and it is hard to make a animal look hair with such a wet tipped tool or a waxy stick. You can also color in the woolly mammoth in Photoshop like I always do. Either way you choose.

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