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Pikachu From Pokemon

Today at DragoArt.com we will be learning an excellent and fun tutorial on "how to draw Pikachu", step by step. Ah, he's my favorite Pokemon of all the episodes and movies. Pikachu is supposed to be a short and stocky mouse that has electrical abilities. This particular Pokemon has short yellow fur, brown striped markings on its tail and back. These species also have pink colored cheeks. This is where the electricity comes from. First it generates and focuses all its energy into the cheeks and then it unleashes an awesome thunder fury. As seen in most Pokemon episodes, Pikachu's eat wild berries. They pick them from berry bushes and trees and then electrify them to roast. If there's a large group of these Pikachus, and they feel threatened, they will summon up an electrical thunderstorm. This can cause immense damage. Do Pikachus evolve like all the other Pokemon? The answer is yes they do, they evolve into a Raichu. A Raichu has an appearance of orange fur, a long tail with a tip the shape of a thunder bolt, a white underbelly, and brown stripes on its back, and yellow cheeks. In the video games, Pikachu can evolve into Raichu by being applied with Thunderstone. Unlike the Pikachu, a Raichu can produce up to a hundred thousand volts of electricity. Wow that's a lot eh? So I started drawing the Pikachu right after drawing Ash Ketchum. I thought to myself ˜why not draw Pikachu too so Ash has his friend on the website.' So that's how I started doing the tutorial for this little critter. First I started out from scratch by using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet and using the drawing program Adobe Photoshop CS. Then I made the tutorial out of Pikachu. It took me a total of two hours to draw him. I know two hours is pretty long for drawing an easy critter! Well I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I intend it for it to help you in your drawing techniques. Have fun with Pikachu and don't forget Ash!

Step 1

Oval shape for head The cross helps us know where the eyes and nose are

Step 2

Draw an egg!

Step 3

Draw four noodles for arms and legs.

Step 4

A cone will make the hat. Ears are really curvy. Hands and feet are blocks, think of rocks and bricks.

Step 5

To draw the hair, think of cursive m's. Now add fingers and nice, pointy shoes.

Step 6

Erase the lines that cross each other.

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