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How to Draw a Palm Tree

Hi! Today we're going to show you how to draw a beautiful palm tree. Just follow the easy steps!

Step 1

One curvy line will work as guide for the bark of the tree. Draw 5 curves as guide for the leaves.

Step 2

Draw the shapes of the leaves. They will look like a thin starfish.

Step 3

Add a couple of extra leaves in between the main 5.

Step 4

Draw the basic shape for the bark. The lower half is thicker than the upper part. Add some sand for the base.

Step 5

Make the bark by repeating the shape in the image. Follow the guidelines.

Step 6

Add some detail to the leaves.

Step 7

Finished! This palm tree is ready for the beach!

We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to draw a palm tree. Don't forget to give him some coloring or check out our other free how to draw tutorials.


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