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Here's a tutorial on another one of my favorite Pokemon: Beautifly. It's easy to see why it's named that and it's not doubt how beautiful it really is. So enjoy this tutorial! :D....

Step 1

Draw out two circles for the body and add two lines out to the side as guidelines for the wings.

Step 2

Draw in the antennae and the curving mouth tube. Then draw in two ovals for the eyes.

Step 3

Add in a line on the stomach for design and then four little ovals for the arms and legs. Draw in a circle with a smaller circle inside of the eye for the detail.

Step 4

Draw out the wings as shown. Remember to keep the wings curvy and flowing. There should be no sharp edges whatsoever.

Step 5

Erase all the blue guidelines and we're close to being done. Now it's all about the detail and design. As shown in red, draw in the design on both wings. Once again, the lines should be curvy and NOT sharp or pointy.

Step 6

When you finish, this is what your drawing should look like! And now you know how to draw Beautifly from Pokemon! Please comment and rate- thank you! ^_^

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