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Here's another beautiful Pokemon that I will be teaching you all how to draw. Enjoy!....

Step 1

Draw out the basic guidelines as shown. It is a circle with arms and a small body with facial guidelines and a line down the center.

Step 2

Draw in the head with the three spikes and the first overlapping part of the body.

Step 3

Draw in the top of the face then the three leaves in the neck area and the two small legs.

Step 4

Draw out the two arms and begin to draw in the rose on the right. Finish this step by drawing the rose on the left using curved and wiggly lines around the circle guideline.

Step 5

Finish off the rose on the right as you did earlier. Then add in the small lines for the eyes and mouth within the facial guidelines.

Step 6

And here is your finished drawing of Roselia after you erase all the blue guidelines! Thanks for viewing my tutorial and I hope you enjoyed it! :D

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