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How to Draw Azula

Aang was great fun to draw and lay out as a lesson. I will now submit the other character from the animated series, but this time you will be learning "how to draw Azula", step by step. For those of you that don't know, Princess Azula is Zuko's sister, and arch enemy. She is the daughter of Ozai, and Princess Ursa, and she was also the next in line to be the ruler of the Fire Nation. Fire Lord Ozai favors his daughter because she shows the most promise, and because she is almost just like her father in every way practically. Some may even say that she is mentally deranged because she loves making peoples lives miserable for her enjoyment, and because she wants so badly to see her brothers despise, and this fact is displayed when she smiles in amusement when her father burned her brother Zuko. Azula was sent on a mission by Fire Lord Ozai to seek out and destroy not only the last Airbender, but her brother and uncle too. I guess you could say that she and her mother had a relationship almost like her father and Zuko did. There was plenty of times when Azula used her cunning ways to manipulate her mother so that she would get her way almost all the time. She always hangs with her two friends Mai and Ty Lee, but in further episodes the two girls turn on her. Mai betrays Azula when she was about to attack her brother. Mai blocks the attack because of the fact that she has more love for Zuko than she does fear for Azula. The reason why Ty Lee betrays her, is because Azula was about to attack Mai, and because she didn't want her good friend getting hurt, she was struck down by Ty Lee. Once the battle was over, she ordered the Fire Nation guards to take the two girls away, and place them in prison where she would never see them again. In book three, Azula is sent to a mental hospital because she initially goes crazy. No matter what the case may be, learning "how to draw Azula", step by step. The lesson should be easy enough for any artist at any level to follow. When you're done, be sure to upload your work so that all of us other artists to see. Peace out my friends, and have a happy drawing day.....

Step 1

Start by drawing a shape for her head, and then draw the guidelines for her body frame like you see here.

Step 2

Before you draw out the style of her hair, you will need to draw in the structure of her face. Once this is done, you can go ahead and draw the hair style that is always wears which is two strands hanging down the sides of her face, and clipped back on top.

Step 3

Add the lining for her eyes, and then finish drawing out her hair. Once that is done you can then draw the top half of her gown which crosses over like so. Next, draw the sleeves, and make sure that they are long and baggy. Add the lining for the waist, and then the bump for her trunk in the back.

Step 4

To finish Azula's face and, and head, you will need to draw in a bun, and then draw out her eyes, nose, and mouth. When that is complete, draw the trim lines on her gown and then draw out the sash that she has wrapped around her waist. Add the detailing designs on the ends of her sleeves, and then move to the next step.

Step 5

Because Azula isn't wearing any pants, you will not have to draw any legs. All you need to do here is sketch out the length of her gown, and add the detailing stitch lines to it as well.

Step 6

To finish off this Avatar character, cap off the gown, and then draw the embroidered trim on the bottom, and make sure it looks like rising flames. Lastly, draw out her feet, and then begin erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 7

Now that you're done, the drawing should look like the one you see here. Color her in and you have a finished lesson on how to draw Azula.

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