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How To Draw Rita From Oliver and Company

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw the coolest female dog you'd ever meet... Rita from the 1988 Oliver and Company! She's my favourite character along with Dodger. I'm sorry for the drawing being a little crappy but I was tired when I made this.....

Step 1

Start with a simple sketch. Make a circle for the head, and add guidance lines to show where the eyes and mouth goes. I usually don't sketch it that way and just go on without any circles or lines, but this time I did to help you. Draw 4 ovals/circles to show her hair/ears. Do a line for the neck and little lines to show where the mouth starts.

Step 2

Start to go over your sketch with a basic sketchy outline. (This is not the lineart part. Not yet.) Remember, her ears are fatter in places and thinner in other places.

Step 3

Start sketching the eyes, nose and the rest of the body. Rita's nose is like a quadrilateral... I'd rather describe it as a 'triangle with a small fourth side or a flat end'.

Step 4

Now for the final piece, do your lineart, colour it in, and have fun with the background if you make one! I hope this tutorial helped you at least a little bit :)

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