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How bout another Pokemon tutorial? I know most of you probably been begging for lots of Pokemon tutorials so I decided to add one for all you peeps that crave them! In this tutorial you will learn "how to draw Zoroark step by step". This guy has a cool design for the elemental type he's classed in. I believe he's a "dark" Pokemon that fights a lot with his un-evolved form, Zorua. I used a referenced image for this guy since I'm not so good drawing Pokemon characters. The drawing took around two hours to sketch, ink, and color. The coloring was my favorite part because of the hues that attributes this character. The Pokemon looks like fox-like creature that stands mainly on two legs. The mane is red, very long and flowy with a grayish tip. I'm not sure what this creature is suppose to resemble to animals in real life. The name itself reminds me of an Ardvark. There's also another Pokemon that I remember that has physic powers. The Pokemon (if I remember clearly) is named Aardvark. This guy reminds me of one of those characters from Sonic. Anyways, I hope this tutorial will be useful to those avid Pokemon fans. I know a lot of people here on DragoArt love this cool creatures so enjoy this one! Thanks for viewing this tutorial on "how to draw Zoroark". Peace out everyone!....

Step 1

This step is pretty straightforward. You will first begin by starting with the guideline for the head and the long line that extends outwards from it. After you've done that, draw other guidelines for the rest of the body. After you've completed with all of that, you're ready for the next step.

Step 2

There's a lot to draw in this step but don't worry, start from the head to the mane! The mane seriously reminds me of Shadow's back part of his head. When you draw Zoroark's chest, keep tune with the guidelines. This could really help a long way when you take the time and patience to work the drawing out.

Step 3

In this step you will sketch out the large and bulged arms that expand at the elbow area. The elbows are very furry so don't miss out on that detail. Finish off the rest of the mane by adding a small band that holds it together. Start drawing the core of the hips too.

Step 4

Here is where you will start sketching the legs. I would start with the furry area near the stomach area. Once you've done that, move onto the feet and claws. This is important to pay attention to because it holds up the body. Any flaws would make the drawing seem very odd. Don't forget to sketch the inside of the ear too.

Step 5

This is probably the most easiest step in this tutorial. You will have to finish off the claws to Zoroark's hands and the eye for his face. The smirk he has will also have to be well drawn.

Step 6

Erase any unwanted lines to complete your sketch of Zoroark. You can polish your drawing by using an ink pen or pen. Make sure you take the time to slowly ink the lines of this Pokemon. Keep in mind to have "line weight" to your drawing. Well guys, I hope you had fun with this lesson. Thanks so much for viewing and I'll be back tomorrow with another lesson.

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