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Hey everyone! I've got a nice easy tut for ya! A lot of Pokemon fans are looking forward to playing black n white pokemon, so I'll do a few tuts on them. I'm not a pokemon fan myself, but these tuts aren't for myself. I hope you enjoy the tut on "how to draw Pokabu"! Good luck!....

Step 1

Okay so let's start on this tut. First draw a circle along with a guideline for the eye. Next draw another circle for his body. Add some sausage shapes for his legs. Under the face draw another part of his body.

Step 2

Now draw an oval for his eye. draw his snout and a nice smiley mouth. Draw part of his face and his, i think, hooves. lol.

Step 3

Now inside his eye draw hiss pupils. Next draw a line across his body. Add the back leg and squiggly tail.

Step 4

Now all you need to do is add his ears. I hope this was a short and simple tut for you all. :D

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