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This is the other part of the tutorial that I did on Lunatone earlier! Solrock is also a rock-type Pokemon, but, as the counterpart of Lunatone, it is shaped like the Sun instead of the Moon like Lunatone. This Pokemon is originally from Meteor Falls in Hoenn just like Lunatone is. Please enjoy this tutorial from me! :)....

Step 1

The first step is very simple. Just start out with a circle and place eight straight lines equally spaced apart around the entire circle. Remember that Solrock looks like the SUN!

Step 2

Now, we have to make Solrock look like it's made of actual rock. So, to make the "sun rays", you have to make them bent and jagged in some parts. Do this for each of the spokes you drew earlier, making each one at different lengths.

Step 3

Now we have to finish off the rounded body while also making that look like rock! Complete the circle as shown, every so often drawing in a jagged rock along the edge of the circle. Then, on the left side, as if curving with a circle, draw in three rounded triangles.

Step 4

Now you can erase all the blue guidelines! You don't need them anymore! To complete the "rocky" feeling of the spokes, add in a few curved lines to show depth. Then, simple ovals and lines in the center of the large circle creates the eyes of the face.

Step 5

Finally you are done! Now you know how to draw Solrock from Pokemon! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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