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This is a tutorial that will show you in simple steps on "how to draw Jirachi", step by step. The tutorial has very nice and simple steps so you can recreate your very own Jirachi Pokemon. Thanks for viewing and enjoy the tutorial!....

Step 1

To draw Jirachi's star-shaped head, draw three triangles with rounded tips.

Step 2

Next, draw Jirachi's face. Draw ovals with another oval and a squiggly line in it for eyes. For the mouth, a line curving slightly upward, a curve under the line, and another curve in the mouth. Draw Jirachi's things with gaps in them.

Step 3

Now, to draw Jirachi's arms, draw lines curving slightly upwards through the gaps. Draw three fingers, then draw a line downwards. Curve back towards the head.

Step 4

Then, to draw Jirachi's body, draw a slight curve to the left and a little line upwards. Then, draw another line curving downwards and another foot.

Step 5

Now, to draw Jirachi's sashes. To draw the first one, draw a sort of long, almost straight S. Draw more squiggles back up to the arm. For the second one, draw a line that almost curves up. Then, draw curves to the foot.

Step 6

Now for the finishing touches. Draw eye marks under the eyes, tags on the head, and an eyelid on Jirachi's belly. Then color it!

Step 7

Now you are done!

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