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How to Draw Z-Strap

Well, now that you've got a taste of those two last helpful lessons, it's time to move onto some characters I drew up yesterday night. In this tutorial, you'll be learning œhow to draw Z-strap, step by step. This character is from the new cartoon series œZevo-3, which premieres on Nickelodeon shortly. I'm not sure what date exactly it airs on, but it seems pretty cool. The past few months, there has been plenty of new cartoon series. I thought this new series would be a great tutorial addition to the website. Anyways, I referenced the image of the character from the actual Zevo-3 site on Nicktoons. It was a pretty awesome pose that showed through his character, so why not reference from it? Z-Strap is one of the main characters from Zevo. He teams with his other two super heroic friends, Elastika and Kewl Breeze. His real name however is Jason. In the cartoon series, he seems to be of an Asian descent. Jason is 17 years old, and his favorite motto is œquestion authority. Jason has the power to transform a whole or part of his body into live metal. He can shoot metal spikes from his hands as well, sorta like Knuckles or some kind of Mecha. His limbs can morph into super awesome metallic weapons and tools. Another cool feature about Z-Strap, is that he can form into mercury, other known as œLiquid Z-Strap. If you ask me, the name Z-Strap sounds pretty funny. I don't know who would call their super hero form such a name xD. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy this simple tutorial on œdrawing Zevo-3 characters, step by step. Thanks you so much for viewing this tutorial and don't forget to leave behind some feedback! Until next time folks, I'll be back with more lessons!....

Step 1

First things first, like every tutorial that I submit, you must always start off with drawing the basic guidelines. This will help you later on to draw the little details that creates the overall look of this character. Start off the drawing with the head, and then work your way onto drawing the base of the body. Don't forget to add two large circles for the hands. This is a simple placeholder for drawing the fists accurately.

Step 2

Next, work on the head first. Start from the base of the skull and onwards to the jaw. This should be taken with patience and practice. Once you've finished that, work on the brows and then afterwards, the chest area. See how the guidelines help?

Step 3

Then, work on the drawing the "Z" mark that straps around his suit and into the belt. Take your time and keep your hand steady for drawing the "Z". Finish off the base of the fire that connects to each arm. Once you've encircled the circles with the fiery essence, you'll find drawing the fists much easier.

Step 4

Next, get to drawing those fists! To make things easier, start with the four clenched fingers first and then the thumb. It's so much easier to do it that way. Keep within the limit of the circles too. Finish off final details like the collar encircling his neck, and the ninja like hairdo that's attached to the back of his mask. Once done, work on the legs .

Step 5

Lastly, finish off the belt and the rest of the legs. This should be easy because you got the base of the body completed.

Step 6

This is what the final result of your drawing should slightly resemble. If you've gone on ahead and draw some differences with the pose, then don't worry about this step. I hope this tutorial has given you a few helpful tips on "drawing Z-Strap", thanks so much for viewing!

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