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How to Draw a Lion for Kids

Here is another lesson that is strictly for kids, and this time you will learn "how to draw a lion for kids", step by step. Even though these lessons are for kids, novice artists can tackle one of these tutorials as well. Even intermediate or advanced artists can go ahead and try this lesson, especially if you want to keep things simple. There is no way that someone will fail at drawing a lion for kids because the lesson is as easy as they come. Soon everyone will be bale to draw a lion just by following this simple tutorial. So sit back and have some fun as you move through one of the easiest lessons on Dragoart.com. Don't forget to rate, comment, and submit your won works as well. ....

Step 1

Start with a great big circle for the lion's head, and then draw a small jellybean shape for the body. Don't forget to add the horizontal facial guideline too.

Step 2

The next thing you are going to do is darken the circle you drew in step one, and then draw two small bumps for the lion's ears.

Step 3

Now it's time to draw the eyes. Draw two oval shapes, and then color them in. Be sure to leave two white spots in the eyes for extra effects. Lastly, give this cute lion a small button nose.

Step 4

Let's finish off the lion's head and face by first drawing out his mouth, and add some whisker lines. Lastly for this step, you will need to draw out the lion's mane which can easily be done by making a series of bumps drawn in a circle the frames the head.

Step 5

Look how cute your lion already looks. What you will do now is draw out the legs, paws, and chest like so.

Step 6

Let's finish off your lion by drawing the back legs, and paws, and then draw out the rest of the lion's body including the tail. Notice how the tail is shaped like a baseball bat. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.

Step 7

Tada! Here is your new lion drawing. I know you did a great job because this big cat was super simple to draw. Thank you for trying out this tutorial on how to draw a lion for kids. Be sure to try out some other kid lessons that will be uploaded accordingly.

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