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How To Draw SpongeBob Rocker

Hey everyone, this is tutorial is requested by davdav89. I thought it was a genius idea. I hope davdav89 likes it and you guys too. :)....

Step 1

OK, for this step the first thing I did was draw little squiggly outlines of spongebob. Then Draw the guidelines.

Step 2

After you have done the first step, you should start to draw spongebobs eyeballs. Then draw his nose. And your good for this step.

Step 3

OK. For this step I would start to draw spongebobs sleeves. His sleeves are like little cups. After you have done that, draw his skinny little arms coming out of that "cup". With a studded bracelet and his hand doing a the rock sign. After that draw his guitar. Don't forget to draw his eyebrows.

Step 4

Alright now you should draw his mouth thats a like a big "O". After that you should finish up drawing spongebobs right arm, and his fingers on the guitar. Now you should draw the shapes on the guitar, and the siding of if it. Now your gonna wanna draw his lower body. After you have done that you should draw his skinny little legs and his shoes. And your done with this step.

Step 5

Now you wanna draw inside his eyeballs. After that you wanna start to draw the insides of his mouth the tongue, teeth, etc. Now draw his freckles after that, draw his sponge holes. Now you wanna draw his socks. After all of that you should work on the guitar, make the flames and the strings etc.

Step 6

Your done! That's all you have to do. You can color it in or leave it color less what ever you choose. Message me if you submit it to your artwork I would love to see it!

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