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How to Draw a Penguin for Kids

They waddle, they swim, they are expert fisherman, and they have a whole lot of loyalty and love to give. One of the things I admire about these flightless birds, is how determined and fearless they are. If there is one bird that is truly loved by kids and adults it has to be the penguin. Today's lesson is going to teach you "how to draw a penguin for kids", step by step. There is no wrong way to draw a simple penguin because these animals are basically oval shaped and have their feet almost covered by their bellies, and their wings are almost too small to notice. People are so fond of penguins that they literally by all sorts of merchandise and collectibles on the small and sometimes even large arctic bird. Drawing penguins can be a challenging task if you're going for a realistic look, but if you just want to make something simple, this lesson œhow to draw a penguin for kids, is the right one for you. As always I had fun with this 'for kids' submission, and I hope to make more real soon. In the mean time, have fun with this tutorial and be sure to let me know what you think. Until we meet again my friends, peace!....

Step 1

Begin by drawing a circle for the top half of the penguin, and then draw in one facial guidelines.

Step 2

Okay, use the circle you drew in step one to draw out the entire shape of the penguin's body like you see here. It should end up looking like a sheet covered ghost.

Step 3

Next, draw out and color in the small oval shaped eyes and make sure you leave a glare behind. Lastly for this step, you will need to draw out the triangular shape of the beak.

Step 4

Okay, as you can see you are getting closer to completing your penguin for kids. All you need to do here is draw out the flippers or wings, and then draw in the marking line that starts to the left, and flows just under the face. This is the line that separates the white bellies from the black coat. It is also the same lining that gives the penguin their tuxedo marks.

Step 5

Alright guys here is the big finish. Draw in the penguins feet, and as you can see they are flat, three toed, and simple to draw. Erase the one guideline and shape you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.

Step 6

Do you see what I love drawing animals for kids? Look how cute this penguin came out. Now you can have fun coloring him or her in. This was a fun lesson to follow and to tackle. Be sure to join me for more drawing fun.

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