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How to Draw a Sleeping Wolf Pup

This Tutorial shows you how to draw a Sleeping Wolf Pup! I hope you find this tutorial useful!....

Step 1

Draw the Base/Guidelines for the Wolf Pup. Draw a Circle for the head, and a long curved line to represent the Pup's Curled Body.

Step 2

Begin drawing the head shape. Draw the Ears, Snout, and Nose. Draw little points spikes to represent fur.

Step 3

Now Begin the outline of the Body. Draw it's little Bushy Tail which is curled up in front of it's face, it's closed eyes, and it's little paw underneath it's chin.

Step 4

Now for the finishing touch, draw the outline of it's hind leg as seen in the picture above.

Step 5

Taa-daa! You're Finished! Now color, Ink, paint, or do whatever you wish with your new masterpiece!

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Tuesday February, 16, 2016 at 10:52 PM

Best drawing I've ever done!

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