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How to Draw a Giraffe for Kids

When you go to the zoo one of the most anticipated animals to visit is the giraffe. These amazing looking animals are one of the world's oddest creatures because of their long necks and graceful personalities and stature. This lesson is going to show you "how to draw a giraffe for kids", step by step. This is one of my favorite for kids lessons because of how cute and easy I made it to draw. There is a new style that I'm trying out to see how much brighter and cleaner the drawings will be. Giraffes are odd for another reason too, they have these big eyes and really long curled eyelashes that are almost perfect. I know women are envious of their lashes including myself. Well, there is nothing to it when it comes time to tackle this lesson on drawing a giraffe for kids. I hope you have fun with this submission, I will return with more exciting stuff for you to tackle. Adios people and be sure to stay tuned in to Dragoart.com!....

Step 1

Draw a circle shape for the head, and then draw the neck line which should be long. The neck connects to a jellybean shaped body like so.

Step 2

Here you will begin drawing out the large oblong forehead, which then turns into a nose, and mouth. Draw the horn, and then draw out the ear. Be sure to add a smile to this adorable giraffe.

Step 3

Draw a large eye for the giraffe, and then the lashes which are curled and long. Add a nostril hole, and then cap the horn and add detailing inside of the ear.

Step 4

Draw the back of the head and then draw the thick long neck. You will then need to draw the butt or back end, as well as the chest, and leg lines.

Step 5

Continue to draw out the legs starting with the thighs and hooves, Next, draw the stomach, and then finish drawing the front legs and hooves. This should be an easy task since the giraffe for kids is simple lines.

Step 6

Giraffes have stiff, brittle hair that start at the forehead, and then it flows down the back of the head and neck. Be sure to add some notches in the hair, and when that is done you can draw the tail line and tuft at the end of the tail. If you want you can add some spots, but if you decide to do that, be sure to clean up the drawing.

Step 7

Here is what the drawing looks like when you are all done. When you are done you can color it in and move onto your next tutorial on something great.

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