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How to Draw Merida, Brave, Princess Merida

In this tutorial, I will be showing you "how to draw Princess Merida from Brave", step by step. I like a few of Disney's movies, especially when they're done by Pixar. This lesson will breakdown Merida's facials and hairstyle in a few simple steps so you can have your own Merida drawing posted on your wall or sketchbook!....

Step 1

First, begin with a simple circle to base the facial proportions off of Merida's face. Take your time to draw this part since all the future lines will totally rely on the accuracy the guides were drawn. You can trace over a circular object in order to achieve a perfect circle. Draw the crisscross lines swiftly to achieve accuracy. DRAW LIGHTLY for this step!

Step 2

Next, draw the face shape first, and then add the curls of hair framing the sides and forehead of Merida's face. Take your time, and go at your most comfortable pace. Make sure everything adds up with the guidelines.

Step 3

Let's start shaping up her facials finally. It's essential to always start with the frame of the facials before actually creating them. Draw the frames of the eyes first, before you add the brows to add to her face. Remember to take your time and refrain from rushing.

Step 4

Then, go ahead and add the pupils as well as the irises. Sketch in a few lashes, but don't overdo it! Princess Merida wasn't meant to look very girly since her main interest is archery.

Step 5

With a few steps at a time, work on her lips. Sketch the top lip and the bottom lip before you draw the mouth's opening. Draw this in lightly since her mouth isn't suppose to be prominent.

Step 6

Now, it's time to work on her hair. Since I wanted to make this simple, I added curly patterns and textures to portray curly hair. Take your time with one side of the hair to the other.

Step 7

Lastly, add the base of her neck and the ruffles that curl around the collar of her shoulders and neck. Draw the neck first before you sketch the shoulders.

Step 8

Here's what your final lines should resemble. Take a pen or some sort of pure black source and ink over your sketch lines. Once everything is inked over, erase the underlying lines so you'll have a nice little drawing similar to this! I hope you've enjoyed this tut as much as I did. Thank you so much for viewing!

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