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How to Draw a Ladybug for Kids

For the last time today I will be uploading another ˜For Kids' tutorial, and this time it's going to be an insect instead of a four or two legged animal. Let's get started as you will learn "how to draw a ladybug for kids", step by step. This red colored bug is a signature insect linked to the beginning months of spring and summer. If you're not sure what that means, let me explain. Ladybugs start making themselves known around the spring and summer months. When you start to see ladybugs outside, it is a sure sign that either spring or summer is here. This tutorial on "how to draw a ladybug for kids" is going to be easy, colorful, and very fast to complete. I do hope you guys have a blast, even though it's just a bug, it will still be fun to draw something easy. Adios people and peace out!....

Step 1

Make a simple circle for the entire body of the ladybug.

Step 2

Draw a dividing line down the center of the body and then draw out the head.

Step 3

Draw out and color in different shaped spots like so, and then draw the twirled antenna as well as the eyeball lines. Erase nothing because there was no guides to draw in step one.

Step 4

Here is the ladybug when you're done. Color it in and you have finished your drawing already. See how fast that was.

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