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How to Draw a Platypus for Kids

I love doing these tutorials. I love Platypuses, and thought, "Why not do a Platypus tutorial?" So I did! Platypuses are the only mammals that lay eggs. The resemble a duck and a beaver at the same time. The have a duck's bill and a beaver's tail and hands. Pretty cool, huh?....

Step 1

To start, draw the guidelines to help us draw the Platypus. The circles help draw body parts, while the lines help with legs, arms, and curves.

Step 2

Begin drawing the head and back. The head resembles an egg shape.

Step 3

Now we begin to draw the face features on the Platypus. Draw the bill carefully. Then draw the eyes above the Bill.

Step 4

Now draw the rest of the head and the giant Beaver-like tail.

Step 5

Now draw the feet and underbelly. Platypuses have webbed feet that allow them to swim at super-speed!

Step 6

We are finished! Make the pupils dark and show off your amazing piece of artwork!

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