Recycling at CHRISTMAS
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Tips for Making Your Christmas More Environmentally Friendly!


Who doesn't love Christmas?  Beautiful lights, shiny packages with elegant bows, and lots of parties to share the joy of the season among friends and family.  After the presents are opened, there are piles of wrapping paper, yards of ribbons, lots of plastic packaging and dry Christmas trees ready to go to the curb.

Each year after Thanksgiving, waste per household increases by 25%--that means more than 1 million tons of additional waste each week.  Here are a few other eye-popping facts about waste during the Christmas season:

  • In the US, annual trash from gift-wrap and shopping bags total 4 million tons.
  • Each year 50 million Christmas trees are purchased and 30 million wind up in the landfill.
  • Half of the paper consumed in the United States is to gift-wrap or decorate.
  • If each family in the United States re-used just two feet of holiday ribbon, that would save enough to wrap a bow around the entire planet!

But, here's the good news. You don't have to sacrifice your favorite traditions to enjoy a green Christmas and make a difference.  Here are some tips for how you and your family can make a few different choices to make your Christmas a bit friendlier for the environment.

Buy a live tree still with its root ball or in a pot.  You can find these at a local nursery or Christmas tree farm.  Once Christmas is over, you can replant it in the wilderness or simply put it outside in its pot until you are ready to decorate it again next year!  And, clean up will be a snap since you won't have all those dry needles dropping off the tree.

Green CHRISTMAS - Reading online - HOLIDAYS - CHRISTMAS storiesGreen CHRISTMAS - Reading online - HOLIDAYS - CHRISTMAS stories

Decorate your tree with found or other natural objects.  Seashells, pine cones (you can even spray paint these silver or gold), paper chains from last year's wrapping paper, popcorn and cranberry garland, or come up with your own ideas!

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