"I am neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, I am a man, I am a vampire."







- black face paint
- light blue face paint
- red face paint
- makeup sponges
- eyeshadow wand
- fake blood
- fake teeth
- cotton swabs






   1.  Lightly coat face with light blue face paint.

   2. Create a widow's peak with black paint.

   3. Create dark circles around eyes with black paint.

   4. Accentuate cheekbones with black paint. Draw on a line with your wand and blend the face paint in with a makeup sponge or your finger.

   5. Use the makeup sponge to apply black eyebrows.

   6. Paint on red lips like lipstick.

   7. Add a little bit of black to your lips.

   8. Add fake blood coming from mouth.

   9. Put on vampire teeth.




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Awsomeand also wicked man

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