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Understanding your guinea pig


Do you sometimes wish you could understand your pets a little better? Well, for anyone who has taken a guinea pig under their wing, here are a few tips on understanding the strange noises they make and some of the funny things they do!


1. POPCORNING: When your guinea pig is excited, he or she may repeatedly hop up and down in the air (known as ‘popcorning').

2. FREEZE: When guinea pigs are scared, in a similar way to humans, they can become rooted to the spot and stay very still for long periods.

3. WHEEKING/WHISTLING: This is a noise your guinea pig may make to express excitement (also see ‘Popcorning'). They will usually make this noise as a demand to be fed, or to recognise the presence of their owner.
This means your guinea pig is very happy! They make this noise usually when being stroked and petted, being groomed, or offered a treat, similar to a cat. A lazy guinea pig like Hurley would like to spend his whole life like this!


5. RUMBLING: This sound indicates love is in the air! When males are courting another guinea pig, or a female is in season, they will both make a rumbling sound to alert each other. You can tell the difference between this and a ‘purr' as the male guinea pig will walk around the female, making a deep rumbling sound, vibrating and swaying their hips! This is known as ‘rumblestrutting'. If the female makes a low rumbling but walks away this means she is not interested! Look out for an unspoken romance between Darwin and Juarez in the film!

6. CHUTTING/WHINING: Chutting is a kind of ‘muttering' sound which is usually made when the guinea pig is happily going about their business. They also make this sound when pursuing another guinea pig.
7. WHINING: Whining is a ‘complaining' sound, made by a guinea pig who is either being pursued, or quite literally, having a moan about something to their owner or another guinea pig. The noise will increase in volume as they get more irritable or distressed.
8. CHATTERING: Beware – your guinea pig is NOT happy. If they make this sound to you, or each other, something has happened to upset them or make them angry, and this is a warning sound. Their teeth quite literally chatter like people's do when they are cold. The fur may rise up around their necks and it is best to separate them at this point. The safest way to do this is to very carefully place a towel over them to disorientate them and then carefully remove one of them. Watch your fingers! Blaster, if you are needling Juarez over her feelings for Darwin she may well make this sound. As she says, “If looks could kill, you'd be dead already!”


9. CHIRPING: This sound is very similar to a bird singing and it usually means your guinea pig is very happy indeed. The sound is very rare and can also be emitted by baby guinea pigs calling for their mother to be fed. On certain occasions it can indicate the guinea pig is stressed, so keep an eye on the situation just in case.
10: SHRIEKING/SQUEALING: This very high-pitched noise is a response to extreme fear or pain by your guinea pig. Vets hear this noise frequently from guinea pigs when they have their injections! They also make this sound when in danger, for example if mates have been separated or a baby has lost its mother. An adrenaline-junkie guinea pig like Blaster is likely to get into these dangerous situations frequently!

For more information about discovering the potential of your furry friends, check out the upcoming Disney movie, G-FORCE, in cinemas on 31st July, 2009!


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