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G-Force Personality Test quiz



1.) Its a Saturday morning. Where are you most likely to be found?

A) Going for a run
B) Watching a local demolition
C) At your Spanish class
D) Sleeping
E) Somewhere dark, trying to keep out of the sun

2.) What is your favorite sporting activity?

A) Assault course 
B) Scuba diving
C) Parasailing
D) Eating
E) Online gaming


3.) What is your most prized possession?

A) Your new PDA
B)  Your aqua scooter
C) Your judo outfit
D) Your lunch box
E) Your laptop


4.) How would you react if you got into a fight with someone?

A) Calmly try and resolve the situation
B) Explode into a rage
C) Sweet-talk them round
D) Let it go straight over your head. It's not worth it.
E) Intelligently talk your way out of the situation




5.) What is your favourite phrase from the following?

A) “Leave no rodent behind”
B) “Tick Tick Boom”
C) “If looks could kill, you'd be dead already”
D) “Piece of cake”
E) “I'm a mole, I have a thing for worms”

6.) If sent into combat, you would be…?

A) Giving out orders
B) On the front line
C) Back-up martial arts expert
D) Sleeping through the action 
E) In the control room

7.) Where would you go on holiday?

A) Amazon Adventure & Explorer's break
B) Bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon
C) To a retreat in Tibet to centre yourself
D) Somewhere warm, preferably with a beach and where they serve lots of cake.
E) No time for holidays, too many new technologies to master






Now count all your A's, B's, C's, D's and E's
So which one are you?

Mostly A's – you are Darwin, a natural leader, courageous, confident and loyal. Determined to succeed at all costs.

Mostly B's – you are Blaster, an adrenaline junkie who takes unnecessary risks, and is ready for anything.

Mostly C's – you are Juarez, a strong-willed martial arts expert and a tomboy who doesn't take kindly to timewasters.

Mostly D's – you are Hurley, lazy, genial and comfortable in your own skin and you enjoy the simple life. Travelling the world is not your bag.

Mostly E's – you are Speckles, cyber intelligence specialist, an expert in computers and underground operations.






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