The dinasaurs existed over 65 million years ago. There were massive dinosaurs as well as very small ones. Some were carnivors and others herbivors.


The Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs lived on Earth long before the human being existed. The human being is lucky not to have lived at the same period as the dinosaurs because the tall ones could squash us or eat us and the smaller ones would attack with their sharp claws, horns or teeth.

The Dinosaurs
Tyrannosaur, or Tyrannosaurus Rex, or "Tyrant lizard king"
The Dinosaurs
The Dinosaurs
Brachiosaurus, or ‘Arm Lizard'
The Dinosaurs
Triceratops Horridus, or "Horrible Three-horned Face"
The Dinosaurs

Dinosaur earth human tyrannosaurus lizard

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Learn how to draw a dinosaur

Learn how to draw a dinosaur

Free Dinosaur Drawing Lessons  Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diceratops and Gastonia are just a few dinosaurs you may have heard of. From toys to movies, dinosaurs are all the rage for the young and the old. It is easy and fun to create ... Read More ...

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