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Living in Saint Germain en Laye


20 km in the west of Paris (France).

In St-Germain en Laye, a small city in the area of Paris, the children live well.
St-Germain is not a poor city and most of all, the children can go to school. At school, in the playground, the children play well. The majority of the boys play football whereas the girls prefer to play “catch-girl” (the boys must run after the girls and catch them).

After having a snack at around 4.00 pm, at the end of the school, the majority of the children comes and plays outside. Children make roller whereas we play with a balloon.

On Wednesdays there is no school. So we do sports. And weekends we have fun with video games or we go to the park of St-Germain. It is a big park right beside the forest. In the park, we play football; ride a bicycle; and play with the sand.

What I like the most in the park of the castle it is when we go for a walk in forest.

In class the children work well. We enjoy History, Sciences and Technologies. In the primary class CE2 (3rd year of primary class) we work on water. In nursery school, it had nothing to do with what is going on in primary school. In the playground at school: boys always fight. One day I saw 7 boys fighting.

At lunchtime, my sister and I go home for lunch, whereas other children go to the canteen to have school meals.

I think that St-Germain en Laye is a city where children can have fun.

Living in Saint Germain en Laye

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